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  • Issue 13 (April 2022)

    Learn about plans for the 2022 series of summer institutes which includes hands-on professional learning led by practicing classroom educators and guided by experts in the world language education field.

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  • WTL – Episode 146

    In this episode, four language educators discuss how to create positive relationship with students in online and hybrid environments.

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  • WTL – Episode 145

    In this episode, Dr. Stephanie Madison and Dr. Nelson Flores discuss the intersections of language and race in a bilingual education context.

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    Rejuvenation, Reflection and Anticipation

    In 1990 Ellen Moir described six emotional phases that new teachers go through: anticipation, survival, disillusionment, rejuvenation, reflection, and anticipation. It seems likely that these are actually emotional phases that all teachers go through each year to varying degrees. It’s impossible to characterize the past school year as a typical one and therefore unlikely that all educators experienced each phase in the same way or to the same degree.

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  • Remote Teaching
    Remote teaching in a pandemic: language teachers’ needs for professional development

    Since the early spring of 2020, teachers of every subject, at every level, have put in enormous amounts of work to educate students in remote and hybrid formats due to the COVID-19 pandemic. They have drawn on old and new tools including textbooks, guided independent study, and educational applications accessible online. However, teachers of world languages face some unique challenges because of the specific demands of effective world language teaching.

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    On the Virtual Conference Path

    Are you getting ready for a virtual conference? COVID has forced many if not all professional organizations to rethink their traditional conference format. There is much to like about virtual conferences, but there are a few things to consider so that you can get the most out of your virtual conference experience.

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  • Motivation
    Why “Motivating” Students Doesn’t Work

    Why would educators gather for a 3-day workshop on the topic of learner motivation? Frustration about consistently activating motivation in learners and at a loss for what to do next are feelings that all instructors have had at one point or another in their teaching journey. At heart, motivation is a system based on judgement, perception, and emotion. Student perceptions, mindsets, social status, prior experiences, and feelings of self-efficacy impact what is motivating and what is motivational.

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  • WTL – Episode 144

    In this episode, Stacey interviews Dr. Priscilla Layne about the language and literature of immigrant and Black German communities.

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