Professionals in Education Advancing Research and Language Learning

A Title VI Language Resource Center

Goal 01

Develop an online collection of professional development tools and resources based on the Teacher Effectiveness for Language Learning (TELL) framework.

Goal 02

Develop a suite of professional development opportunities, including asynchronous online learning modules, models for face-to-face and online coaching, and an annual intensive summer institute.

Goal 03

Conduct research studies to measure PEARLL’s impact on teaching practices and student outcomes and to gather feedback on teacher beliefs and attitudes toward new teaching practices.

Goal 04

Identify and promote networks of language educators to disseminate information, promote PEARLL’s initiatives, and facilitate capacity-building.

TELL Project

The Teacher Effectiveness for Language Learning (TELL) Project is a collection of products and processes that can be used to enhance the effectiveness of world language teachers.

Summer Institute

Through an annual summer institute, PEARLL offers in-depth PD experiences over multiple days.


A self-assessment tool and online portfolio (aligned with criteria identified in the TELL framework) providing educators opportunities to consider their teaching practices and chart their professional growth.

Video Library

A dynamic platform showcasing crowdsourced videos of high-quality instructional strategies.

Online Modules

A series of self-guided multimedia learning modules to help educators see links among the professional growth goals they have identified in TELLfolio, the classroom library of practices, …..

Teacher Coaching

PEARLL develops and implements models for the coaching of language educators, to provide support for teachers and instructors throughout the academic year.

Model Classroom Network

A network of K-12 classrooms and districts developed in collaboration with the National Association of District Supervisors of Foreign Languages (NADSFL) that exemplify the application of TELL framework criteria and provide regional models that support language educators.

Community College Network

A network that develops support models for community college language instructors as they navigate a unique set of challenges.

Publications & Podcast

Covering a variety of topics including language teaching principles, best practices for professional development, and research findings through regular newsletters and through the podcast We Teach Languages.

Researching the impact of professional development on teaching practices

An analysis of the impact of the Teacher Effectiveness for Language Learning (TELL) framework on teacher classroom practice, and how that impact varies by the modality of the training (self-directed online learning, one-on-one teacher coaching, and the summer institute).

Researching the impact of professional development on student outcomes

An examination of the impact of language educator practices, as influenced by PEARLL’s professional development, on student proficiency outcomes.

Researching educator attitudes and beliefs about teaching practices

An exploration of how educators adapt to new information about teaching practices, with the goal of informing the future design of LRC resources and professional development activities.

Center for Applied Second Language Studies (CASLS)

CASLS is working with PEARLL to develop TELLfolio, a self-assessment tool and online portfolio aimed at collecting evidence of teacher practices in alignment with criteria identified in the TELL framework.

National Association of District Supervisors or Foreign Languages (NADSFL)

PEARLL is working with NADSFL to identify schools and districts who can provide “model classrooms” to promote the application of the TELL framework criteria and allow PEARLL to expand access to critical information about language teaching and learning.

University of Maryland Multilingual Research Center (MRC)

Faculty from the Multilingual Research Center in UMD’s College of Education are involved in a number of PEARLL initiatives, including aligning the TELL framework with current research on language teaching and learning, and coordinating the intensive summer institutes.


Professionals in Education Advancing Research and Language Learning

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