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Summer Institutes

A series of online professional learning experiences.

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TELL Focus
Program Review

The national expertise to deliver the answers you need to move language programs forward.

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Models of Effectiveness

A collection of products and processes that can be used to enhance the effectiveness of world language teachers.

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Consulting Services

Customized teacher training and other professional learning opportunities for schools and educational organizations.

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Reflective Practice

Discover Catalyst: a self-assessment tool and online portfolio to reflect on chart their professional growth.

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Model Classroom Network

A network of classrooms and districts that exemplify the application of TELL framework criteria.

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from our blog

  • Summer Residency Reflections

    When we think of the word “residency”, those of us with loved ones in the medical field immediately conjure up images of exhausted young doctors focused intensely on learning, with the work-life balance of a first year teacher. Another residency type is that of an artist at a museum: someone with specific skills who is there for a short period of time to produce art and promote their mission. I love this style of residency because it is grounded in high expectations and yet somehow offers breathing room for growth and inspiration. This also describes PEARLL’s new Educator in Residence program. Rather than relying on PEARLL staff to develop classroom oriented materials, they asked someone (me) with specific skills (world language teacher) for a short period of time (100 hours) to produce (content) and promote (the TELL Framework). And for this I am glad, because there was no way I was sacrificing my summer relaxation for anything less!

    August 31, 2022
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