No matter where you are in the development of your language program, PEARLL can provide consulting services to support your private or public K-12 school or district, college or university, or educational organization. PEARLL customizes professional learning, program review, and other consulting services to meet the needs of each school or district. These program services aim to guide the development and administration of high quality and effective world language programs.

PEARLL can deliver exceptional professional learning experiences that focus on essential proven principles and practices for a wide variety of audiences. 

 PEARLL can design a program review and evaluation that will answer questions about the effectiveness of a variety of world language programs.

PEARLL can support program administrators in every aspect of program development: curriculum review, assessment analysis, new program development, and more.

professional learning

PEARLL offers and customizes teacher training & professional learning opportunities for K-12 schools, colleges and universities, and other educational organizations. These services may include onsite or online workshops, professional learning resources, and teacher coaching and mentoring support. PEARLL has developed the following foundational workshops which can be offered as both half and full-day workshops. In addition we can provide workshops on topics such as Curriculum Development, Department Chair Training, Leadership Development, Learning Targets and Checks for Learning, Performance-Based Assessments, Rubric Development, Student-Centered Learning, Teacher Effectiveness, and Thinking Routines in the World Language Classroom. Please contact us to find how how we customize a professional learning solution to meet your needs.

Principles of Performance & Proficiency

This workshops will allow educators to discover how foundational documents can help them identify the purpose for language learning in their classroom. Participants will learn how to identify performance targets and develop a series of performance assessments at key transition points that ask learners to demonstrate what they can do with the language they learned. As part of this series, participants will be introduced to the ACTFL Proficiency Guidelines, NCSSFL-ACTFL Can-Do Statements, set meaningful course targets for student performance, and develop a series of performance assessment tasks.

Planning With a Purpose

How can educators shift the focus from designing activities to outlining  learning progressions? This workshop will introduce planning principles and provide a step-by-step process that will create a teaching and learning roadmap for weeks or months.  Participants will learn how to develop units of study by 1) identifying real-world contexts; 2) building on learners’ interests and experiences; 3) determining what learners will have to know and be able to do by the end of the unit; 4) aligning performance assessments and learning experiences.

Planning for Language Ownership

How can educators design a lesson sequence that maintains learners’ energy and slowly reduce the responsibility of a teacher? During this workshop, participants will: 1) develop a sequence of activities that moves students from input to output; 2) identify opportunities to check for learning; and 3) plan to give feedback to learners to ensure they are making progress towards meeting lesson and unit goals. Using the Gradual Release of Responsibility Model, educators will learn how to plan lessons using routines that ensure learners build language ownership.

program review & evaluation

If you are responsible for a language program, you might have some questions about how well your program is doing.  PEARLL will work with you to determine the best way to answer your questions and get you the information you really need, selecting program review options and data collection choices according to your questions, needs, and budget. The program review process can be conducted onsite, virtually or through hybrid methods. A program review may include classroom observations, review of curriculum and assessment documents, stakeholder interviews or surveys (administrators, teachers, students, parents), and a review of student work.  If you need a partner in reviewing your language program, please contact us to find how we can support your work.

Are teachers using effective methods in their classrooms?

How satisfied are students, parents, and other stakeholders?

Are students reaching expected levels of proficiency?

Is the program serving students equitably?

consulting services

PEARLL can support program administrators in every aspect of program development. We can guide you in understanding student assessment data and determining how to best use that data to advance learner proficiency and equity. We can help you to design a new language program or expand an existing program, identifying measurable goals that are appropriate for your program. We can support you in ensuring your heritage or community school program is aligned with best practices. If you need a partner in developing a highly effective world language program, please contact us to find how how we can support your work.

Are you planning to begin a new language program or expand an existing program?

We can assist with the design of your new program to ensure that your program is based on specific and measurable goals appropriate for the program type. We will develop a plan for data collection at appropriate points to measure progress. With data we can suggest where program adjustments may need to be made and how to conduct regular check-ins to ensure that your learners are on track to meet program goals.

Do you need help understanding student assessment data and determining how to best use that data to advance learner proficiency and equity?

We will create data visualizations that make clear the progress your students are making toward the performance targets of your program, and to what extent some groups of students may be outperforming others. We can make recommendations for internal instructional and performance assessment shifts that promote a growth mindset focused on clearly identified targets.

Are you involved in planning heritage and community programs that address the unique needs and interests of these learners?

We can work with you to ensure that your program goals focus on language performance and proficiency while meeting the needs of heritage/native speakers and local community members.  We can recommend standards-based units and suggest performance assessment tasks that provide evidence of learning allowing programs to modify learning experiences to advance student proficiency.

Contact us to learn how PEARLL can support your language program.