Communities of Practice

using collaborative support & feedback to identify and leverage research-based practices to that improve students’ learning

We are excited to announce the PEARLL Communities of Practice! Through targeted facilitation and support, we will assist teams of teachers whose goal is improving student learning focusing on a common goal with the intent of improving teacher effectiveness. PEARLL is seeking to collaborate with a limited number of existing collaborative teams (departments, district teacher cohorts, PLC’s, and other groups of educators) working to improve student learning by focusing to serve as sites for research and collaborative planning around teacher efficacy in world language instruction.  Membership is awarded for an initial two-year period.

Would YOUR team benefit from collaborative support & feedback to...

● fine tune your focus on student learning goals?

● identify and leverage research-based instructional practices to boost your students’ learning?

● determine evidence of progress toward your goals (and align those goals to TELL and your local teacher evaluation system)?

Can YOUR team commit to …

● work collaboratively with professional colleagues on a regular basis?

● take collective responsibility for making an impact on student learning

● incorporate feedback and evidence of progress in your practice?

● reflect thoughtfully and document the progress of your community of practice?

If you answered YES to these questions, then you are ready to take the next step in elevating your professional practice.

Members of the PEARLL Community of Practice must be able to make the following commitments:

    • Focus on and investigation of a common goal that will increase teacher efficacy and have a positive impact on student learning.
  • Arrange for the PLC to meet virtually with the PEARLL PLC facilitator once a month
  • Submit a digital recording from each member each year (no more than 15 minutes duration) that documents instruction around the improvement goal and  emphasizes or highlights one of the TELL Framework sub-domains (with appropriate permissions for the digital recordings to be used for professional development purposes).
  • Document PLC work by uploading meeting notes, curriculum tasks, written feedback, reflections, etc to Catalyst
  • Develop a final presentation documenting both group and individual progress toward the PLC goal.
  • Respond to an end-of-year survey from PEARLL
  • Share PLC insights and results with the larger world language teacher community.
Focus on an investigation of a common goal that will increase teacher efficacy and have a positive impact on student learning.
Participate in a virtual meeting with a PEARLL facilitator once a month.
Document work by uploading evidence of practices, reflections, notes, feedback, etc to Catalyst.