program review and evaluation

No matter where you are in the development of your language program, PEARLL at the National Foreign Language Center can provide program review and evaluation services to support your private or public K-12 schools. PEARLL customizes program review services to meet the needs of each school or district. These program review services aim to guide the development and administration of high quality and effective world language programs.

Classroom Observations

PEARLL will work with you to determine program review options and data collection choices according to your questions, needs, and budget. We will work with you to determine the best way to answer your questions and get you the information you really need. The program review process can be conducted onsite, virtually or through hybrid methods. A program review may include classroom observations, review of curriculum and assessment documents, stakeholder interviews or surveys (administrators, teachers, students, parents), and a review of student work.

curriculum review

Are you planning a curriculum review of an existing program? We can help you analyze your current curriculum across languages and levels with a focus on expected outcomes.  We can look at your current units placing an emphasis on the horizontal and vertical alignment in order to identify gaps and redundancies. Based on the unique needs of your program we can recommend standards-based units with performance tasks appropriate for the age and proficiency of your learners. We can support curriculum writing teams tasked with the design and implementation of curriculum.

assessment support

Do you have proficiency data based on how well your students perform on external standardized assessments? Do you need help in determining how to best use that data to advance learner proficiency? We will create data visualizations that make clear the progress your students are making toward the performance targets of your program. We can make recommendations for internal instructional and performance assessment shifts that promote a growth mindset focused on clearly identified targets.

new program development

Are you planning to begin or expand an existing language program? Are you exploring options for dual language immersion programs? Are you considering adding virtual or hybrid models to existing programs? We are able to assist with the design of your new program to ensure that your program is based on specific and measurable goals appropriate for the program type. We will develop a plan for data collection at appropriate points to measure progress. With data we can suggest where program adjustments may need to be made and how to conduct regular check-ins to ensure that your learners are on track to meet program goals.

heritage and community school programs

Are you involved in planning heritage and community programs that address the unique needs and interests of these learners? We can work with you to ensure that your program goals focus on language performance and proficiency while meeting the needs of heritage/native speakers and local community members.  We can recommend standards-based units with clearly identified goals that allow student to investigate the cultural products, practices, and perspectives in ways that are interesting and relevant to them.  We can suggest performance assessment tasks that provide evidence of learning allowing programs to modify learning experiences to advance student proficiency.

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The University of Maryland has a long and successful record of systematically evaluating the most efficient practices, supporting teachers to implement them in action and developing training modules based on research.

Gabriela Nik. Ilieva
Professor, New York University

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