the evolving needs of language teachers

In September 2020, PEARLL set out to understand the needs and challenges that world language teachers operating in a newly virtual or hybrid environment face on a daily basis. We asked world language educators to complete a survey documenting their experiences during the 2020 pandemic, the lessons they learned from their teaching experiences in the spring of 2020, and the support that they still needed in preparation for continued remote teaching. Some of our results are reported below.

But the teaching landscape is continuing to change. Will institutions leverage lessons learned during that period to integrate technology, hybrid learning, or more flexible teaching approaches? In 2023, we are conducting a new survey to form an up-to-date picture of how educators have adapted to pandemic and post-pandemic teaching and to allow PEARLL to develop the most relevant offerings.

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results of the 2020 survey

This blog post describes teachers’ reported professional development needs and provided resources to support teachers in their ongoing remote teaching.

This presentation, given at the American Association of Applied Linguistics conference in March 2022, examined differences in remote teaching experience between teachers of commonly-taught and less commonly-taught languages, and between teachers of children and adults. A similar presentation was given at the government’s LEARN workshop in February 2021.