WTL - Episode 144

In this episode, Stacey interviews Dr. Priscilla Layne about her teaching and research, both of which include the language and literature of immigrant and Black German communities. Priscilla describes how her background influences the way she interacts with and teaches texts and how that might be applicable in language classrooms. She also talks about Black German Afrofuturism and how this genre helps us imagine a new future. Teachers of German will find specific texts, authors, and examples in this episode, but all language teachers will find useful practices and ideas for centering target language users from diverse communities.

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about the podcast

We Teach Languages is a podcast series produced by Stacey Johnson (Vanderbilt University) in partnership with PEARLL. Through interviews and conversations teachers explore the question, “What does excellent language teaching look like?” Supported by a team of volunteers, We Teach Languages, in addition to new episodes, produces a newsletter, episode guides and other professional learning resources. Through the PEARLL partnership every episode is transcribed with transcripts. Future work will include aligning episode content to indicators of the Teacher Effectiveness for Language Learning (TELL) Framework.