WTL - Episode 145

In this episode, Dr. Stephanie Madison interviews Dr. Nelson Flores, Associate Professor of Educational Linguistics at the University of Pennsylvania. Nelson in particular looks at the intersections of language and race in a bilingual education context. In this interview, Nelson describes the harm that racialized students experience as a result of policies and common practices in bilingual education and breaks down some of the historical context for the current state of English language education in the US. He also discusses issues in heritage language education by unpacking some of expectations placed on Latinx heritage speakers in Spanish language classrooms.

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We Teach Languages is a podcast series produced by Stacey Johnson (Vanderbilt University) in partnership with PEARLL. Through interviews and conversations teachers explore the question, “What does excellent language teaching look like?” Supported by a team of volunteers, We Teach Languages, in addition to new episodes, produces a newsletter, episode guides and other professional learning resources. Through the PEARLL partnership every episode is transcribed with transcripts. Future work will include aligning episode content to indicators of the Teacher Effectiveness for Language Learning (TELL) Framework.