measuring the impact of PD activities on educator effectiveness for language learning

our research projects

PEARLL research projects address language educators’ needs for professional learning and the effectiveness of professional learning.

remote language teaching

In September 2020, PEARLL set out to understand the needs and the challenges that world language teachers operating in a newly virtual or hybrid environment face on a daily basis. We asked world language educators to complete a survey documenting their experiences during the 2020 pandemic, the lessons they learned from their teaching experiences in the spring of 2020, and the support that they still needed in preparation for continued remote teaching.

Remote teaching in a pandemic: Language teachers’ needs for professional learning. This is a blog post focusing on continued professional learning needs.

Language Teacher Remote Teaching Experiences, 2020. This is a presentation focusing on how teachers adapted their teaching practices to a remote teaching context, and the impacts on students’ learning experiences.

impact of PEARLL’s professional learning

We are planning a study of the impact of PEARLL’s professional learning on language teachers’ beliefs about effective teaching. This study has been put on hold due to COVID-19, but will begin in Summer 2021.