Learner Pathways to teacher effectiveness for language learning

Learner Pathways look at effective learning experiences from the perspective of the learner by describing what students do. Each pathway identifies three learner engagement behaviors. The Learner Pathway then identifies connected key subcriteria from multiple domains of the Teacher Effectiveness for Language Learning (TELL) Framework to create a set of teacher responsibilities. These pathways allow teachers to reflect on the degree to which their learners exhibit the engagement behaviors and identify areas of focus for their own professional growth. Focus on what it really means to teach with the learner in mind during the 2024 PEARLL Summer Institutes. These online institutes allow educators to explore a different Learner Pathway in order to discover effective practices that keep the focus on the learner.

exploring teacher effectiveness from the
perspective of learners

sequencing learning activities

moving from input to output

learning targets & checks for learning

using performance assessments

engaging learners with the target language

creating a standards-based curriculum