WTL – Episode 126

In episode 126, Dr. Claire Knowles, whom you might remember from episodes 988, 89, or 100, returns to the podcast with a list of questions from the teachers in her language teaching methods course. Claire and Stacey sat down during a break in the action at the 2019 ACTFL Convention to talk about how Stacey ended up obsessed with language teaching and producing a podcast, along with questions about how to use authentic resources with novices, how to teach without any technology at all, and how to connect with students when they feel unsafe at school. Stacey wants to warn everyone that this episode is way too long to actually listen to–almost 2 hours!!! Check out the show notes to see what questions Stacey and Claire discussed and what resources they mentioned; then you can fast-forward straight to the good stuff. https://weteachlang.com/2019/11/29/episode-126-claire-knowles-stacey-margarita-johnson/

View Transcript here:

126_WTL Transcript

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